Graystone: New Seattle Condo Threads the Past Into Future

“Buildings should be good neighbors.” – Paul Thiry

New construction succeeds when the designs marry past with future while fitting in with their surroundings. It’s an ideal held by both Paul Thiry, a pioneer of modernism in the Pacific Northwest, and Daniels Real Estate, the creative inspiration behind Seattle’s newest residential achievement, Graystone.

Thiry exerted a significant influence on the emergence of Northwest style as well as a modernist design. He was the principal architect of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair – the vision behind many buildings that stood the test of time, including the original Coliseum (now Climate Pledge Arena) with its iconic sloped roof – as well as the original Museum of History and Industry and Frye Art Museum.

The initial sparks for many of these designs were ignited in the office that Thiry himself created at the corner of 8th Avenue and Columbia Street. It is that location where Kevin Daniels and his team of architects have brought the spirit of Thiry forward with the design of a 31-story, glass-and-steel marvel that will be a good neighbor for years to come..

“If there is to be physical and mental betterment on Earth, it most assuredly rests with the world of architecture to give direction and to take steps to lead the way.” – Paul Thiry
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